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Foam Blocks introduced by Best Pre School in Pitampura for educational up-liftment

Best Kindergarten School Pitampura

After home, a Play School is the first Place for a child to come in contact with the world. The play schools are naturally more responsive towards what all the children needs. Here at the Best Kindergarten School in Pitampura, the children are provided with best of facilities to help them get accommodated to the new environment easily. Foam Blocks are also introduced by Best Pre School in Pitampura for educational up-liftment of the young learners. The children are provided with pretend play objects in miniature form which are safer and convenient for children of 2+ years. These foam objects are used as they are softer, safer and will also make the children understand the relativity in environment.

Sensory Stimulation

The children at Best Play School in Pitampura are provided with foam blocks to stimulate their senses and sensory perception of the environment. The children via the foam blocks will be able to attain a better understanding of how they perceive things as comfortable to use, soft, shape, size, colour etc. The texture will also promote tactile perceptions in the children.

Cognitive Development

The children learn to develop refined thinking that encourages them to explore. The children will be able to develop logics behind everything while playing with any of the object in the premises of the MI based Pre School in Pitampura. They learn to make informed decisions. These simple activities help them in understanding highly complex cognitive process with ease. Therefore attractive material is provided to them to build a staple yet dauntingly stronger foundations.

Builds Communication

The children while playing with the blocks will communicate with each other as well as the care givers on how to place them, where to use them etc. At Best Nursery School in Pitampura the children are exposed to new shapes, objects, blocks of vibrant colors. Not just to hit their natural curiosity but also to make them more aware about the spatial characteristics of objects with respect to the environment as well as themselves.

Here in the Best Kindergarten School in Pitampura 8 kinds of Multiple Intelligences are developed via various modes of interactions through theme based activities that will propel them to discover, explore and set up expeditions into the world. Their tiny adventures into gaining knowledge about the world is well supported by the facilitators using age-appropriate means and methods.

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