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Golden Bells Early Years provides solutions to Pre School children's constant biting problem

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Best Nursery School in Pitampura

Does your child go straight for biting rather than expressing disagreement or communicating? Don’t worry, many children go through the same. Inability of self-expression before they actually learn words is a common thing. Good news is that Pre School children are less susceptible to biting than toddlers. Any action of a child, depends upon his/her immediate surroundings. The kids may resort to biting when they don’t get ample of attention at home or school. There are chances that the child is facing some issue/discontentment or problems like being bitten by others. There are chances that your child being less able to express emotions and feelings may bite to express the anger and frustration building inside them. Teething could also be one of the most probable reason for the same. It is most frequent during 1-2 years and age and as the child grows with improvement in language and communication it gets reduced considerably.

What can be done?

Whenever you see your child biting, talk to them calmly. Tell them firmly that biting under no circumstances is acceptable and the child cannot take biting as an option for making their point known. To replace act of biting, encourage your child to use words instead of biting. Train them to tell their wish in words as: I want to play with the toy, look at my work first, don’t put mud on me etc.

Know their concerns

Find out why your child is behaving in such a manner. The more they learn to mingle the better they will get at managing and expressing their emotions. The facilitators at Golden Bells Early Years, India’s 1st MI based Pre School in Delhi allow them to categorize their own behavior as acceptable or not. Encourage them to think whether they should be repeating this or not. Ask them to be careful and not repeat it again.

Use Soothers as Distractions

Children in early years of their life, struggles with the process of teething. Even if they are not dealing with new tooth at the moment, the most familiar part of their body is their mouth. Therefore biting and spitting comes way before they learn to use their hands or legs for fighting. Therefore the first thing they could think of is when coming in contact with danger is biting.

A Word from Us…

We, the team at Best Nursery School in Pitampura, maintain an ideal student teacher ratio to ensure that each child gets ample of attention by the teacher. We offer MI based curriculum for children of 2+ years & emphasize to inculcate healthy eating habits in their everyday diet from an early age.

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