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Golden Bells Early Years - The MI School

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

top pre  school in Pitampura

Golden Bells Early Years, Pitampura is India’s first Multiple Intelligences based preschool in Delhi for the kids of age 2-5 years, with all new teaching methods influenced by MI theory this is undoubtedly the best playschool in Delhi. Golden Bells is the most popular preschool in Ashok Vihar, since 2004. After, De Indian Public School, Ashok Vihar which offers primary education upto Class 5, this is an initiative by Golden Bells structured with extensive & redefined learning horizons. Being in the list of top schools in Northwest Delhi, we believe in maximizing a child’s potential by providing the foundation for pursuit of knowledge & skills.

What is a MI school?

The schools that have adopted the pedagogy and curricular methodologies influenced by Multiple Intelligences are called the MI schools. The theory introduced/propounded by Dr. Howard Gardner, a Harvard educational psychologist. “Intelligence” is obviously not a monolithic ability but covers an entire spectrum of cognitive capacities termed as intelligences. MI schools follow a curriculum that covers all the disciplines complemented with extra- curricular activities. The challenge before the multiple intelligence schools is to rival the IQ centric education system which is deeply embedded & has spawned the existing curriculum around the globe.

There are 8 intelligences which include Logical, Linguistic, Visual, Kinesthetic, Musical, Inter-personal, Intra-personal and Naturalistic Intelligence.

Benefits of Golden Bells Early Years -The MI School-

The preschool at Pitampura is a division of Golden Bells, Ashok Vihar, the top-notch preschool in Northwest Delhi providing the best preschooling experience by touching the lives of kids since 18 glorious years of excellence. Golden Bells Early Years, the preschool at Pitampura. Our motive is to:

· Empower the Child’s FUTURE

· Provide enriched Academics based on MI Curriculum

· To uncover the child’s innate LEARNING SKILLS

How MI schools are a better choice?

There are many questions that could come up to the surface when the parents searching the best preschool end up meeting a Multiple Intelligence based preschool. What are the benefits of this concept? How is it different from the usual schooling? What does a student study when the syllabus is based on Multiple Intelligence Theory? Does he/she study only what he/she is inclined towards? Will they be having some special test to know about the child’s dominant intelligences? Does the MI school suggest student to read what will suit students’ specific intelligences to the exclusion of others, as per the school thinks?

Let’s figure out how it could be a better choice

We have tried to answer all these questions. First of all, there is no instantaneous or progressive test that is executed from outside to determine an individual’s intelligence. MI schools offer the concepts that are appropriate for the student’s age also does not deprive the child’s knowledge of anything on the presumption of any dominant intelligence. There are no presumptions. The child excels in the areas by applying his/her set of natural intelligences on his own. There are specific ways to teach a particular subject that suits every group of intelligences. Teaching aids are invariably required & therefore employed to teach every single concept focusing on the 8 intelligences. For more development the subject oriented Co-curricular activities have also been included.

Co-curricular Activities are a “make” to the education; not a “break” from education.

In fact, MI (Multiple Intelligence) Curriculum offers inclusive learning which inculcate interest among kids, as their engagement in the activities satisfy their inquisitiveness. There are no top down suggestions for kids about their specific intelligences, the discovery of intelligences and actualization of potential is all upto the kids whereas building the educational environment is left to the teachers.

At any rate, principles of multiple intelligences are gaining grounds around the globe and the conventional education system is also applying interactive education channels for imparting knowledge. The programmes based on Multiple Intelligence suit the need of the day and age as they are paving the way for inclusive education.

“It’s more DISTINCTIVE than you might THINK.”

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