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How Culture is introduced to a 2 year old Child in Best Pre School in Delhi

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Children when sent to Play Schools meet with other children of different back grounds. It not only add color to their world but also attract young minds towards learning about the world. A little knowledge of culture and its vibrant hues makes the child accept the world ahead of them readily.

It’s very important to introduce a 2 year old Child in Best Pre School in Delhi to the culture. Here are a few tips by Top Play School in Pitampura that can be adopted for teaching culture to children of 2+ years

Draw attention to traditional attires and ethos

As a parent, try making your child wear traditional outfits. Allow them to take pride in the culture other than being blindly drawn to the popular western culture. At Best Pre School in Pitampura, specialized themes are organized where children are encouraged to dress up according to the celebration i.e., encouraged to wear Indian outfits.

Introduce them to different foods

Introduce your child to culture through food. Allow yourself a minute to enjoy your little munchkin creating memories with the sweet and savory. In the meal provided at India’s first Multiple Intelligences based Pre School in Delhi we introduce the child to multiple cuisines and food items.

Frequent Visits to cultural events

Take your child to live events full of cultural spirit. These will make the child dance to the beats of the ambience created and subsequently over time thy will start loving it. For all you know and don’t know, you might discover something unique about your child.

Enjoy all festivals

Whatever festival marks the calendar, take the effort to celebrate it in a special way. Drawing or coloring activity, dressing as per the occasion or any other activity associated to it will build foundations of learning about diverse culture. At Top Nursery School in Pitampura, Delhi each festival is celebrated by organizing engaging activities for the children.

Dance Forms

Folk dances that promote our cultural foundations, such as Bharatnatyam, Kaththak etc. will not only introduce the child to diverse culture but also provide them with enriched knowledge along with a source of every day activity.

Very specifically introducing them to cultural tolerance

Children from very early age must be taught that people around them come from various back grounds. Each individual can’t be the same. Some may look different, some may sound different and others may just secure a position different than yours. Children must be taught to be tolerant at right age, and that’s what we start from the core at the MI based Nursery School in Pitampura.

In Golden Bells Early Years, the best Kindergarten School in Pitampura, provides a very unique MI based curriculum. Here, children learn to utilize each intelligence in its various forms. Consequently, they can develop skills based on extra-curricular activities along with identifying their own preferred style of learning.

Happy Learning!

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