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How is it necessary to send a child to the Preschool?

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

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With a new session year in full swing, parents of toddlers usually wonder, whether attending preschool makes much difference for young developing minds or not? They hesitate to send their kids to play school at such a young age. Today, we will be discussing some facts about sending toddlers to preschool, e.g. how to select the best play school for 2 to 5 years old and also about how necessary the pre schooling is?

The children going into these programs are usually young, it’s not hard to see why some parents might feel their kid could gain the same benefits from day care or staying at home. However reasons for thinking much before the decision could be different. Sometimes the costs could be high or lack of awareness of the importance could also be the root cause.

Is Preschool Really Worth It?

We feel parents wondering, if attending preschool really makes a difference in a child’s development or not. The aim of early years’ education is to activate the child’s natural desire to learn. That’s exactly what a Pre (Nursery) school brings out of the young minds.

“The true worth of anything is found; when explored.”

  • Children who attend preschools display self-regulatory behavior & academic skills than those who don’t.

  • A child who has done the pre schooling is aware of the academic basics and other required skills. The kids with no pre-school background finds bit tough to cope with their peers at kindergarten.

  • Increased vocabulary by interacting with other kids and a love for books can provide a leg up for children throughout their academic careers etc. are some additional benefits of attending preschool.

  • Children with well trained teachers show academic gains.

True Impact of Early years’ schooling

  • Early years’ schooling helps kids to learn how to socialize with other youngsters. How to get along; give & take and some other important habits are inculcated into a preschooler, while being among the peer group.

  • A play school provides such play situations where they learn vocabulary as they play as Children learn the best through play.

  • Learning self-regulation and love for books are some basics that come from preschool providing a leg up to kids throughout their academic careers.

  • Increased vocabulary, pre-literacy skills , development of learning of pre-math skills like counting, sorting and recognizing patterns are the widely cited benefits to preschool which is an addition to the social and emotional benefits that is brought to a child in the foundational years.

  • A positive environment in a play school provides immediate results in student’s self-regulatory behavior as well and the benefits continue for years down the line.

Many things are taught to a child which he might not learn being at home. Sometimes a child learn it on their own by imitating his peer group. In Golden Bells Early Years, the parents bring a young & timid 2-2.5 years old child and after completing the first year of his/her early years’ education, they get an actively intelligent child, who is well- aware of his surroundings.

“It takes a Big Heart to shape up the Little Minds”!!!

Golden Bells is intended to bring the Best & India’s First Multiple Intelligence based Preschool in Pitampura, Delhi to beautiful the learning experience of your little wonders foundation years.

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