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How to prepare the child for school before actually entering the school

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

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An individual learns one thing or the other, since the time he/she is born. Learning from recognising people to recognising letters; Education takes them really far.For that we require to search the Best playschool for 2 to 5 years old kids. Beyond the general things there are some specific areas which are better to be done beforehand. Just look at your child who is going to enter into his school life, dependent on you till now. Doesn’t it tickle you with the thought that how your child will manage the things in new school which are taken care by you till now?

There are some skills to be developed into our child to make his school experience happy & comfortable with each passing day. Developing these skills in a child before entering into school results into bringing a picture with a happy child; Learning & Enjoying in the new environment. In later picture, you will witness an evolved pre- schooler. Being a parent, you can easily inculcate some habits in the child, as we are aware of our child’s needs and the way he/she responds both.

There are just few simple skills you can work upon before the child joins the school. Please note that it is absolutely okay if your child can’t do a couple of things from this checklist. Don’t make the child learn any of the skills forcefully as

“Enforcement will lead you nowhere; whereas the right conduct is accepted everywhere”.

1. Eating from Lunch box- Practice eating snacks from lunch box. Start from a couple of days before the joining day. This won’t only enable the child to feed himself/herself in school in your absence, but will also make them independent grown up.

2. Talk about it- Tell them about classrooms, teachers, friends etc., show them some videos or read books to keep them ready. This will prepare them about what new is going to be offered in school. Mental readiness is extremely important.

3. Start practicing a goodbye ritual-Goodbye ritual is important because hiding and letting the crying child enter into the classroom will somewhere keep both; you and the child anxious all day long. Also it impacts the child’s behaviour in the classroom. The child should wave happily before leaving so that he can enjoy the classroom activities. DO NOT SNEAK OUT OR HIDE AWAY. Practice a healthy goodbye ritual and keep them ready.

4. Expressing emotions- Label their emotions, use words like happy, sad, scared etc. so that they can express themselves to the teacher. Consider the fact that a child at such young age could get disturbed for any smallest reason even. Teach them to seek for help from teacher whenever they are in need of it.

5. Give small responsibilities-Give small responsibilities like carrying books to table, keeping thing in place, etc. Also don’t forget to appreciate the accomplishments of every task they do. This won’t only make them responsible but will also fill them with confidence.

6. Basic hygiene- Basic hygiene and Toilet Practice should be given to the child before he starts going to school. Washing hands before/after eating, using toilet, etc. are few things he should be habitual of.

7. Teach them something everyday – Read books to them, to build on their attention span. Practice associating letters with their sounds. To make them learn anything make sure you say/count aloud like saying the numbers every time you show them something e.g. Fingers, family members, telling them about the body parts , fruits, vegetables names, Basic patterns etc. Make them learn about the names of the things around.

8. Develop fine motor skills-Give activities like scribbling, tearing and pasting activities, sorting, pouring, impression printing and craft activities all helps in developing the fine motor skills of the child.

9. Practice Good manners- Saying Thank You, Sorry, Please, and Excuse Me etc. Work on the social skills like how they should not hurt others, throw things, share things, wait for their turn etc.


10. Teach their name- Stick their name written in BOLD LETTERS in their reach. Practice reading through it daily. This way with time they will learn to recognize letters initially and then their name.

11. Recognize and match - Observation skills could be enhanced by doing simple activities for this. Like to recognize and match basic colours, (just the basic-Primary colours) they should be aware of. Similarly, recognizing and matching letters will make them learn to observe the similar letters.

12. Pre number concepts-Teach them pre number concepts like Up/Down, In/Out, Tall/short, Big/small, Heavy/Light, etc.

The right guidance in the early years of learning is very important as it further decides how these young brains will get transformed into the great assets of the society. For this, Golden Bells Early Years, Pitampura is the most popular preschool in Delhi to make the young minds learn the best.

Trust us, we know what kind of teaching pedagogy is best suited for your child.

Happy Preschooling!

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