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How to select the BEST PRE SCHOOL for your child

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

How to select the BEST PRE SCHOOL for your child

Selecting the best Preschool could be the exciting as well as the most challenging task for the parents. Wandering in search of the best school for your toddler and wondering about various aspects related to the school both are parents’ major concerns.

“Don’t worry! Remember, No PROBLEM is born without SOLUTION.”

The more you explore the better you discover. Visit all the schools present in your area and enquire. Learn about method of teaching, excursions, transport, student teacher ratio, infrastructure, meal menu, free play area and everything you, as a parent wish to know before you finalize the preschool for your child. Our aim is make the transition as beautiful as possible with loads of love, communication and excitement. Let’s put some light on the facts to be considered while searching a preschool for your child.

  1. Proximity- The child who has not stepped out without parents ever, is now starting his new journey .Choose the school in your vicinity as travelling long distances could be time taking. Though it’s the factor some parents don’t consider if we they are getting the best preschool at some distance as well. It’s all about preferences.

  2. Teaching Methodology- Be informed about the method of teaching the school offers. As a parent, you could help your child only if you are aware of the method he/she is being taught at school.

  3. Method of Assessment- In pre-school child should not be assessed based on final/exam. Instead their gradual progress should be duly noted throughout the year. A big no to the preschool, assessing the kids on the basis of exams. Assess means to “sit beside”. Literally! As true assessment is FOR Learning & not OF Learning.

  4. Infrastructure- The school building should be secured with a compound wall all around. The compound should not be vast/confusing for the child. The area available for the students should not be small and cluttered. It should be open and free. Child should be able to move around. Toilets should not have doors with reachable latch inside. Harmful chemicals, cleaning agents should be stored away from their reach.

  5. Security – There should be security personnel on the entry gate and no random people should be allowed to walk in. Children should not be allowed to run out without their guardian. All safety measures must be taken care of. CCTV is obviously a plus as it provides an extra sense of security.

  6. Rules of Drop & Pick-Ups- Learn about norms they follow for the pick and drop of the child. Ask if any random person is allowed to pick up the child? Are there any parent ID Cards provided? What are the other safety measures taken?

  7. Attitude towards children- Teaching/non-teaching/management, everybody should have a good, healthy, welcoming and friendly attitude towards children. Happy faces should welcome the kids.Safe well maintained area/toys/toilets- Someone should be there to accompany kids to toilets. Check if there will be any adult who will accompany the child to the toilets and make sure they are back to the classroom safely.

  8. Toys with zero choking hazards, no paints peeling off, contains no sharp pieces/edges. Every toy should be clean and dry. No broken toys/furniture or slides/swing should be available to the child.

  9. 9. Hygiene and cleanliness- Watch out for unclean floor, place, heap of trash etc. Hygiene and cleanliness is not only for the pandemic time. The place should be dust free and sanitized properly. Hand washing solutions should be available in toilets. The area should be mopped and cleaned well as children sometimes play on floor also.

  10. Staff student ratio- A lot of students and less staff= tired/ exhausted and grumpy class. Each class should have enough teachers/caretakers for that number of children. Also see if the small sized furniture is provided. As the furniture should be sized down for children. The huge and heavy furniture may tumble over as well.

  11. Food- Do they provide food? If yes, what all will be provided? Does the school consider weather while preparing the meal menu? Are there any restrictions/ time table is followed? What if my child is slow and need extra time to finish off his food? Make sure you go through everything to learn about the meals.

  12. ASK…ASK…ASK- Asking the questions from the concerned person is the solution. Rely on the Parents’ feedback, Talk to existing parents and check the Google reviews etc. To check the credibility, you can also go through the social media pages, websites etc. What are the extra-curricular activities they conduct? Are there enough extra-curricular activities for children? Ask as much questions as you have, clear all your doubts and get the best Preschool for your child.

Parents need to stay positive and patient during the entire phase and afterwards as well.



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