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Humor can be used as a Progressive Learning Tool for kids up to 5 years

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

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Humor is an integral part of Learning. A good Humor brings child’s attention to the details.Humorous situations create a sense of differentiation among kids. We might have seen kids laughing at different situations, which doesn’t seem funny to us an adult.

Kids often engage themselves in games like peek-a-boo wherein the child finds the face revelation to be the funniest incident ever happened to them.Children find their own ways of laughing and enjoying the situations. Their understanding to the humour stands far beyond the boundaries of Logic. At many of the best Nursery School in Pitampura, a well-known rhyme "Ring a Ring o' Roses" is practiced, whose last line makes all to fall down. Kids learn in that laughter filled situation. While enjoying the rhyme, they try to sing along where they learn a rhyme and some new words. They learn to be patient as till the last line they need to wait, they learn the meaning of Fall .

Humor is actually engaging at the Pre School age. As they young minds are learning new words/actions and the supposed reactions associated to them. At Top Kindergarten School in Pitampura kids are allowed to explore and create. Saying or doing something silly also give the evidence of development that a child is able to differentiate between what is normal and what is being acted out. When a child says or does something funny and other children laugh with him, it shows great coordination and strong Interpersonal relationship among them. An evidence of developing Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Intelligences.

Humor brings broader horizons of Imagination. One funny element instigates the creative minds to cook some less logical but interactively creative stories, which could even sometimes Flying Fishes and Diving Dinosaurs. Their imaginative capabilities bring out the humorous effect in the situations. Children can start seeking for sense in something which is least sensible.

“Little bit of child humor causes no harm!”

A word from us…

Being an active Pre School Pitampura, we are here to suggest some prompting as well as the corrective measures to tackle such situations. Kids looking for the happy moments in their kiddish stories, should be entertained well by us as the adults. However, correcting their thoughts with facts is mandatory to bring the best progress. Team of Golden Bells Early Years, Top Play School in Pitampura,helps a child navigate through entire process of development including creative skills. While learning at Golden Bells, MI based Pre School in Pitampura a child know their own learning pattern along with the development of the Multiple Intelligences.

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