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Important tips to know how Curiosity helps in Growth and Development of Pre School children

Kids are born curious about the world.

What adults primarily do in presence of kids is unwittingly thwart the curiosity of child.

-Neil Degrasse Tyson

Curiosity especially among preschoolers end at Learning. A curious mind will look for hidden aspects in the situation as it is capable of finding solutions of the problems etc. Hence a child’s curiosity about the world must never be discouraged. Satisfy their quench of learning, Allow them to question and find their own answers. Inculcate the habit of Self-Expression and entertain their questioning up to full extent. Allow them to be curious about anything and everything. Let them twirl a leaf in their hands so that they can question how it can even twirl in first place. Let the kids be kids. Don’t expect too much from these little ones. At many of the reputed Pre School in Pitampura the young minds are encouraged to make the replica of world in their own minds. The child will gather more as they question more. The more they will gather, the smarter they will become. Knowledge is all about what they have gathered. Following are few tips to encourage curiosity in the young minds.

1. Encourage their curiosity

Play with sentences and tickle their inquisitiveness. Ask them how does a water fall down, ever wondered why sugar tastes sweet etc. Parents must encourage the curiosity of child by raising questions that will make them think or send them to a trip to find answers.

Curiosity will get you, where no one has ever taken.

2. Let them Do It

Although it is important to make a child learn to take instructions, sometimes it becomes more important to follow them instead. As much as they will do it on their own, they will learn the HOWs faster.

3. Encourage them to have a look around

Most of the learning resides in the environment. Hence, let them explore to observe. Initially, as the child begins to learn colors & starts their identification around them. In this way they will not only practice colors will also get familiarize with their environment. E.g.: Trees with green color will not just help them to learn that trees are of green color but also help them to realize that green color is of trees.

“Curiosity has its own reason for existence.”

4. Encourage their imagination

Imagination, curiosity and questioning go hand in hand. Imagination will make them curious and curiosity will eventually evolve in questioning leaving them more curious. Hence, children must be given games such as Legos and building blocks where they have the option to create something new out of their imagination.

Curious YOU will find everything as interesting & NEW.

5. Give them surprises

Encourage a positive attitude in children. Give them untimely surprises, surprise visits after school. Organize dinners with friends and family. This will keep them engaged and informed about all. This happens the most in the premises of Golden Bells Early Years: India’s first Multiple Intelligences based Pre School in Pitampura.

6. Pull them in during social interactions

Interact as often as you can with children and their friends. Talk around them so that they also get curious about conversations taking place.

7. Leave things half done

Do the things halfway through and let your child complete it. For E.g., Fill the glass half and let your child fill it to the brim. They understand the way to learn anything while doing. A child must also be given enough brain teasers, brain exercising games and educational games so that they can grow with respect to their age in a fun-filled learning manner.

8. Involve them

Involve them with everything around home, school, playing. Set schedules for them. Make the world relatable to them. Make everything a play for them to take the learning rocket into space.

Few words from Golden Bells Early Years

Golden Bells Early Years, Best Play School in Pitampura makes a child enter the world with the skills based on the 8 Multiple Intelligences. We believe in giving a more interactive environment to the children. Being among the Top Pre School in Pitampura, we have dedicated labs for the development of the intelligences in our students. We keep ourselves and our parents updated about ongoing trends in all aspects of Pre School Education. Our curricula is a proven fit to the latest education policy for 2-5 years old kids to encourage age appropriate behavior in them.

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