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Why activity sheets, craft projects and coloring sheets of children are displayed at the Play School

Updated: Jun 14

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The little wonders, with their little hands craft their own world. After being acquainted to themselves, they get familiar with the various parts of the world via activities at the best Pre School, Pitampura. To be precise, with the help of Coloring & Craft activities, the one they enjoy the most. Merely through the making of a paper boat, they dive into the oceans of creativity to explore the world. They may feel to be the driver of that toy car, they are playing with.

Have you ever wondered why Classrooms’ decor includes the students’ activity sheets? That’s because it builds the sense of belongingness. When a child or a parent get a glance at the kids’ work, they feel the relatedness to the room, among peer group, to the teacher and everything around. It’s beneficial to evaluate the progress over a period of time. The display and conduction of such activities in the Top Nursery School in Pitampura is much similar to keeping records in a book. Here, we exclude Creative works from Academics. Art requires much more skills to be learnt and brings immense learning along.

To instill a sense of appreciation for Arts among kids, numerous activities are conducted at Best Kindergarten School in Pitampura, also their work gets a place in their near spatial environment every-day. Every piece of Art is made y the kid worth thousands for the parents. The display of kids’ art work in or around the classroom represents appreciation of the beauty of their work. That’s what we do in the Classrooms of our tiny tots. Displaying the art can make a child more focused and help him/her to be self-aware. They may also understand that their work is getting appreciated and the development of self-confidence and happiness is the outcome. These ‘Real to Craft’ based activities play a quirky role in a toddler’s life.

“Kids use Wheels of Exploration, roll them on Grounds of Creativity & brings Beautiful Results.”

The team of well-trained facilitators at Golden Bells Early Years, the Top Play School in Pitampura, believe in displaying their creative efforts. It is important to place kids’ hand to weave replicas of world in front of their eyes. This helps them to encounter them in real life to keep them fascinated by their own creations.

Showcasing the Activity Sheets create an indispensable learning environment as children constantly see them. When they look at something every day, they memorize it for longer duration. For instance looking at the drawing of a boat in water will help a child to learn that boat floats in water, water is blue, boat sail etc. Looking at our work makes us feel proud of our accomplishments and learning and encourage us to work in a better manner.

At Play School in Pitampura, Children are admitted into various groups and made to perform the age specific activities. At Golden Bells Early Years, for the Academic Session 2023-24 we’ve specified the Age Criteria. We are accepting the admissions for various Programmes according to that only. Children of 18-24 months are enrolled in EYFS-I, where they are made to participate in Sensory Integration Programme. Children of 24-36 months are enrolled in EYFS-II, where they are involved in Story Integration Programme. The programmes are made in accordance with the latest NEP 2020 guidelines. As a part of these programmes, the kids are made to develop the 8 types of Multiple Intelligences & learn as per their preferred learning style.

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