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Why Colors is the first concept to be taught to kids in Pre Schools?

A toddler is a bundle of miracles who is capable of doing much beyond we could even think. At the age of around 18 months, Children step into the Pre School, the first place after home where the child learn something around others. The toddlers are not much resilient. They are incapable to control their emotions while interacting with others or manage adversity. At India’s first Multiple Intelligences Pre School in Pitampura, we believe in Bringing out the best in the child in all ways.

It’s a fact that differentiation at the initial stages is bit strenuous for the preschoolers. At this stage, once enrolled in the Pre School 2 to 3 years old kids, get adequate training. Colors is the earliest concepts they learn at Pre School & the identification of colors is a stage based process. First they learn names without accurate identification and at later stage they are able to name the colors properly.

“Each Color is associated with some Memory.”

How does it extend the Knowledge

Color attracts the attention and associating it to something a toddler see at home. Yes, that’s true. At the Top Pre School in Pitampura, identifying colors help in building the visual perception of the little wonders. Along with the improved movements of hands, it demonstrates the coordination between their senses (that is eyes here) and brain. Colors can help a child in identifying objects and vice versa. Initially children began to identify colors like apples are red, bananas are yellow etc. later on they can also be made to identify tougher concept like where there is greenery there is less pollution etc. Colors stimulate emotions. Warm colors bring happiness and cool colors bring calmness. Children get attracted to brighter colors. They entice curiosity in them. A combination of warm colors and cool colors is deployed to provide an appropriate learning environment.

The concept of Colors also exemplify the correlation between their visual and vocal understanding. As an important pre reading skill, identification of colors attract small children towards colorful texts present in books available for the children. Hence it is important to attract children towards reading as well.

Each Color says something…

Calming effect is created by cooler tones. In order to stimulate a child’s vision and brain activity the combination of warmer and cooler tones has been made available around the kids, in Golden Bells Early Years- the MI School, Best Pre School in Pitampura.

  • Blue for Productivity

  • Red color to Catalyze Brain Activity

  • Green color also has a calming effect

  • Yellow color improves concentration

  • Orange is the happiest color

Listed below are some of the activities conducted at Pre Schools to strengthen the concept of Colors

1. Color Recognition - Children are made to recognize and identify colors of objects they come across in their everyday lives. In school children can be asked to group the pictures of objects which are of the same color.

2. Color Matching - Children can be asked to match an object with color present on sheet of paper. Along with the knowledge of colors, this will help them to learn about various concepts as shape, size, structure etc.

3. Color Sorting - Children can be asked to take out objects of similar color from a mixed pile of objects of various colors.

4. Color Mixing - Children love a good game of mixing. By mixing paints, especially of Primary Colors, children won’t only enjoy creating something new but will also gain better understanding of Secondary Colors.

At Top Kindergarten School in Pitampura, Golden Bells Early Years, a child is considered as human with a lot of developmental scope, to which we have our well trained Early Years’ Facilitators. We lay equal emphasis on overall development of the individual. The curriculum of Golden Bells Early Years, the Pre Nursery School, Pitampura is based on developing the 8 Multiple Intelligences. The leading Play School in Pitampura is inviting Admissions for Session 2023-24 for EYFS-I, EYFS-II and EYFS-III.

Write us at or reach us at 8076605812

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