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Why Moral Development of Pre Schoolers is important for the society

Moral development is the process by which young learners at Best Pre School, Pitampura develop the distinction between right and wrong (morality) and engage themselves in reasoning between the two (moral reasoning).

Moral development of children is very important for the society. As the kids acclimate themselves to the society through morality. Top Kindergarten School in Pitampura builds Firm grounds of morality to establish kids as independent individuals of society. Learning the social norms, since an early age. This inculcates a habit of doing things with a moral touch, behaving politely with everyone, teaches about honesty, respect and the concept of right and wrong, etc. The inquisitive individual evolves into an empathetic, caring, helping human being. At Golden Bells Early Years, Best Play School in Pitampura, ‘n’ number of activities are organized under the wings of well- trained facilitators. Teach the young minds in a fun way to leave an everlasting impression. Teach them Honesty vs. Insincerity through a story, and they will absorb the learning out of it.

“Kids absorb everything better than a Sponge.”

Stages of Moral Development are:

1. Pre-Moral: Obedience & punishment; Individualism & Exchange.

2. Conventional: Good Interpersonal Relationships, Maintaining Social Order.

3. Post –Conventional: Social Contract and Individual Rights; Universal Principles.

Mannerism: a good code of conduct is at the core of teaching-learning process in the premises of a preschool. Kids at Golden Bells, Top Nursery School in Pitampura are taught to conduct themselves with full independence and responsibility. Teaching manners can be as simple as teaching them to say a sorry and please and can get as complicated as teaching them how to eat. Making a child responsible is a tedious task. While making them learn the language, teach them the responsibilities, even if it seems to be challenging. This will enable them to emerge in all arenas of life.

Though consideration is an abstract concept, let the child feel it first & practice later. Hence, focus on child’s needs. Teach them kindness, help them to witness it through your activities & gestures. Allow them to be kind to people who are even an inch lower in any facet. Rewarding them when necessary will add perfection to their work.

Create an imaginary scenario & put a child at the decision-making stage. This won’t just inculcate courage & sense of justice but will also help them to learn moral values. Moral values are much more than merely words to describe a situation and a reaction. At India’s First MI based Pre School in Pitampura, the kids are put into a proactive environment to make them an active participant while approaching an indifferent situation. Our team works to develop skills & Multiple Intelligences of the child, subsequently. Visit us at for more details.

Happy Preschooling!

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