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Young Pre Schooler’s behavior at home and in school, the dichotomy explained

Young Pre Schooler’s behavior at home and in school, the dichotomy explained

Have you ever been to the pre-school of your child and got awe stuck at the activities they have done or heard complaints about their bad behavior and thought that your child is absolutely opposite to what’s in front of you. As parents, you may encounter such situations when your child’s behavior at pre school in Delhi, may render you speechless. You may feel puzzled as a parent and may feel like finding the reason of this split behavior of the child. Always remember that a child acts different in different environment. Read on to find out:

Acting differently in different environments

The children can act differently when placed in different environments. Sometimes, children find it difficult to express emotions in schools. Those pent up emotions may get released at home. They might get energetic at home and remain silent throughout the school time. Kids usually enjoy being with their peer group and remain more calm around their parents. At Top Nursery School in Pitampura the kids are welcomed in a balanced environment, where they can enjoy with their friends and can be expressive in all manners.

Not getting the education as per the Apt Learning style

Each child is different and so is their learning style & learning pace. Students at Golden Bells Early Years, MI based best Pre School in Delhi are taught in an activity based learning method as per their preferred learning style. A student who finds himself incapable to adjust as per the traditional method of learning become a subject of constant bullying. This might reflect as unacceptable behavior at home. Frustrations may get exposed in form of constant anger outbursts. We define something as unacceptable but why don’t we try to find the core reason of it.

Differences in comfort level

Not every child is good at building interpersonal relations. Some of them take more time than others. In such a situation the children are meant to be more confident and comfortable in their home environment to be the same in school. Here, parents must make an attempt to understand their child and help them by instructing them to greet the teacher in morning, give her a hug while leaving etc. these simple social interactions will develop a bond between the teacher and the child. Rest leave it to the facilitators at Top Play School in Delhi to evolve the young timid toddlers into confident preschoolers.

In Culmination

At the Best Play School in Pitampura, Children are provided with advanced learning facilities. Here, they learn to utilize their inner abilities through the medium of developing skills in MI based environment. Additionally they also cater to the development of practical life skills and general life skills. The curriculum make the school stand out from others. For more details, contact with us through the website.

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