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How Experiential Learning impacts Pre Schoolers Learning Pattern

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How Experiential Learning impacts Pre Schoolers Learning Pattern

Children in Pre School years undergo exponential growth. They start from “No Knowledge to Up to the Level” to become independent. Learning by doing refers to the method where kids are allowed to explore the open environment with an intent to let them build knowledge about their immediate surroundings. Also, the activity based learning in the premises of Top Kindergarten School in Pitampura aims to develop child’s fine & gross muscles. Playing in a free environment widens the scope of developing a sense of the world ahead. Engaging kids into fun yet productive activities makes them competent as well as self-reliant. Best Nursery School in Pitampura provides theme based activities as a part of the curriculum.

Experiential Learning is the actual understanding of the process or the mechanism involved rather than merely reading a book. E.g. the kids can actually be indulged into gardening instead of learning about it via pictorial representations. Therefore, experiential learning involves those activities in which the child is encouraged to take creative endeavors, nature walks, do it yourself activities etc. These activities have “Little to No Time Limits” and can be conducted at any or we must say at many places. Therefore, the child get the opportunity to explore and learn on their own. Here are the top most uses of understanding with the help of experiential learning.

  • Enhanced Understanding

When children gets engaged in the process of learning by doing, they understand the world around them better. Hence, they can apply the class room learning to their everyday life and move one step ahead in the process of knowledge acquisition.

  • Sharp Wittedness

Children will have the opportunity to develop beyond the pre-defined limits of the classroom study by utilizing the knowledge gained while actively being involved in the learning process.

  • Allows platform to learn and grow

The aim of education is being able to utilize it as the child grows older. Therefore for children of the age group of 2-4 years the best way of learning is by using all of their senses. Here, at Best Play School in Pitampura the facilitators have always put forward activities that help the children grow additional skills other than the chosen MI based curriculum for the children.

  • Problem solving made easy

Children can learn how to reach to fruitful conclusions to all kinds of problems. Usually ill- defined problems test the child the most they will not be able to understand where to reach. Here experiential learning only will help in the absence of information defining the problem.

A word from us

At India’s first Multiple Intelligences based Best Pre School in Pitampura children are provided with activities encouraging proactive behavior. The curriculum of the school is entirely based on developing Multiple Intelligences in the children. Most of children likely have the skills. Here we make the attempt to provide experience of putting their sills into use and master self-dependence as well as complex motor sequences.

Happy Pre Schooling!

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