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How to improve listening skills in Pre School children with the help of play based activities

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Golden Bells Early Years, Top Pre School in Pitampura, conducts theme based activities to help children develop progressive strategy to develop listening skills. These skills are important as kids learn by imitation. They repeat the actions and words spoken by their elders and learn to develop pronunciations, recite rhymes and develop speech simultaneously. The children performs various activities and evolves at the same rate by them.

“They SAY what they HEAR, they DO what they SEE.”

Attaining listening skills is important for children as it helps

1) To learn to live in the society

2) with the comprehension skills of children

3) To develop age old learning

4) In vocabulary enrichment

5) It helps them with building mind power etc.

The children can be taught to develop listening skills via variety of ways including

1) Command Games

The children must learn to follow simple commands as Simon says. Listening and following encourages them to be better at listening & teach them to follow commands. These small life related things help them excel in all the domains of life by laying foundation for successful biological and instrumental learning process.

2) Interactive Approach

The children are made to interact with their peers as well as facilitators by allowing them to be an active part of the learning process. Here at the Best Kindergarten School in Pitampura, children are made to study with best study accompaniments having personified character narrations, every day learning approaches etc. They are made an active participant in all domains. Interactive activities takes them one step further in the understanding process. Keep asking simple questions in between, while narrating the story.

3) Communication is the Heart of Learning process

Two way communication involving both listening and speaking after listening is encouraged among children of 2+ years. The children are involved in the process of learning with the help of effective communication tools that allows them to develop and attain listening skills.

A word from us ……..

We the team at Top Play School in Pitampura, allows children to develop 8 kinds of Multiple Intelligences. Listening skills are taught to the children to help them uncover their truest potentials and go beyond the stipulated.

Happy Preschooling.

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