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Golden Bells

India’s first Multiple Intelligences based Pre School emphasizes on the importance of experiential learning through exploring, promoting and developing the Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Linguistic, Logical, Musical, Visual, Naturalistic & Kinesthetic Intelligences.



We firmly believe in unleashing the genius in every child. Education is a human necessity and ornament that adorns life. A good education system plays a vital role in molding the life of children and it starts early in years of childhood.


MD Education Society conceptualized Golden Bells Pre School on 25th January 2004 at Ashok Vihar, Delhi. A groundwork of intellect and passion saw the school emerging as a distinguished knowledge platform for kids (aged 2+ and above).
De Indian Public School at Ashok Vihar, Delhi witnessed naissance a couple of years later in the year 2007. The brainchild behind the founding of both the schools is father-son visionary duo- Shri HR Gupta (Former Secretary, CBSE) and CA (Dr.) Rajeev Gupta. Ensuring that students avail everything needed to choose the best outcome for them and for the world tomorrow, the educationists have incorporated the latest and unique educational technology concepts into school curriculum.

Why Golden Bells

Hands on learning experience at Golden Bells helps children connect their learning to real life and encourages them to express themselves in an innovative manner. Learning through different day to day experiences while using five senses allow children to explore, investigate and makes sense of the world around them.The child’s development in each domain is supported, sustained, extended and enhanced through support play, creative and conceptual activities, story narration, pretend play, audio & visual activities and many more.

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(18-24 Months)

The group caters to the “Sensory Integration Programme” in which the learners receive the information through their senses, organize the information and use it to participate in every day activities.

(24-36 months)

The group caters to the “Story Integration Programme” in which the learners understand the environmental, literacy and numeracy concepts  (as per the guidelines of the NEP) through different stories integrated with Multiple Intelligences.

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Mom & Me
(12-24 months)

The programme is an initiative to strengthen the special bond that exists between children and their mothers. It prepares children for life ahead in a play based, comfortable and safe environment.

Dad & Me
(12-24 months)

The programme is designed to support fathers to be actively engaged in their childrens’ lives and improve the father – child relationship. It will provide fathers with tools to help face any challenges that can arise when raising a child.

Post School

Post School

The programme turns the aimless hours post school into productive learning time through the learners engagement in different social, physical, mental and creative activities.



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