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How Legos play an important role in Sensory Development of Pre-School Children

Our little ones’ world is little too. For them, Work is Play and Play is Work. At Best Pre School in Pitampura, Golden Bells Early Years has brought the entire world to school and placed in their hands. Sensory Plays form the basis of evolvement for kids of 2+ years. Plays that asks for the movement, to observe, use their hands, smell, and touch and feel is what going to help them to evolve and develop. Out of all, the most famous & favorite educational toy for the Preschoolers is Legos. Unlike other educational toys, Legos have multidirectional benefits. It tickles child’s creative skills at max and help in developing their Numerical Aptitude. It allows a child to EXPLORE and CREATE which induce immense confidence in the young learners at Golden Bells Early Years, the Top Kindergarten School in Pitampura. They grow as they play, observe and build.

“Kids make the most Creatively Organized Mess.”

Though Play comes with uncountable benefits to the kids. However we are mentioning few areas which gets benefitted the most.

Fine & Gross Motor Skills

Fine muscles require more efforts as compared to Gross ones. It’s easier for the young learners to work with bigger object/block, as handling is convenient to them. A smaller block asks for more precision in lifting and fixing. With the growth in model’s height a small block could demand more control over finger muscles and understanding of pressure amount need to be applied and when to let go . The more a child plays, his capability to handle larger blocks to smaller ones with ease, growth and control over movement of hands and fingers.

Bilateral Integration of two or more body parts

Legos and similar toys that inculcates construction skills have a larger impact on child’s growth than any other educational toys. These sort of toys, in particular, helps in building coordination as we use both sides of our body. Hand and eye movement can be up skilled via playing with Legos. Other instincts like moving away when a block falls, or saying something when it falls etc. can be developed. A child can be effectively introduced to ‘Response to Stimulus’ something that takes years to build in an individual. Slowly & steadily use of age appropriate toys, enables a child to build instincts regarding putting hand on eye when coming in contact with direct sunlight etc.

“Sensory Integration is organization of Sensations for a reason.”

Development of Problem Solving Skills

Every minute in our lives, we are solving a problem. Whether it be an Academic Problem or the smallest life trouble. That’s what we allow our little learners to do at the best Nursery School in Pitampura. Children while playing with the Legos, will encounter questions like how much is enough, how many more, which color to be used next, how to build it taller than before etc. While navigating through the answers of such questions children will effectively dive into the world of problem solving.

Legos can help build a number of tough skills that a child must master in order to be successful in life. Simple plays of children are teach the know how’s of being a successful person in life. At Golden Bells Early Years, Top Play School in Pitampura, the team focuses to unleash a child’s hidden talents in 8 arenas of life to qualify them as an all-rounder.

Happy Preschooling!

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