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How to develop Fine and Gross Motor Skills to Pre School Children

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

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Children during Pre School Years, have to build a sense of physical awareness above anything. The involvement of hands and fingers’ movement followed by the connection between limbs and eyes lays the foundation. The receptiveness and response of a child’s brain, to the immediate stimulus also forms a part of it. We can teach the kids to master any skill or task by maintaining connectivity between brain and coordination between various senses and hence, the Development of Fine Motor Skills take place. Gross Motor Skills involves use of stronger and much larger muscles for activities like jumping, walking climbing whereas fine motor skills involve much smaller muscles like the ones in fingers used for lifting , cutting , drawing etc. the development of both kinds of skills are integral part of physical development of children.

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Fine Motor Skills

The development is exclusively focused in Best Pre School in Pitampura, as the skills will help them to build a stronger foundation in later stage of schooling. The children will be prompted to take up small activities that their tiny hands muscles can handle such as block building, pasting, holding crayons and coloring lately, tracing, picking, sorting etc. Children at Golden Bells Early Years participates in various activities where they are also taught to peel fruits bananas on their own. These activities help children build familiarity with complex motor sequence required to carry out the whole process successfully.

Gross Motor Skills

Gross Motor Skills require the child to be out there, literally the outdoors! As it includes running, jumping, walking etc. Children must be made to develop the ability to walk straight in a line, learning to walk up and down the stairs without any support, some simple games, help themselves on a swing etc. To help the children build confidence, the team at Top Nursery School in Pitampura organize games. Recently, colored hopscotch for children was an activity conducted where as a part of the game kids had to jump and touch the hands and feet painted on the paper. This helps them develop overall dexterity.

“Little Hands, Big Dreams.”

Other than the above mentioned activities India’s First Multiple Intelligences based Pre School in Pitampura organizes numerous fun-filled enriching activities for the Preschoolers. Visit for more info.

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