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How to teach Gender Neutral Behavior among Pre Schoolers & Parents both

Updated: Jun 12

Kindergarten school in Pitampura

Children in play school are like potter’s clay. We can sculpt them into anything as per our means. So, teach them to be kind. The little ones, in the premises of Best Kindergarten School in Pitampura, from the very early years of life can be made to co-ordinate their activities promoting greater acceptance of choice rather than following a defined route.

“Start with Gender Neutrality at 2 to reach Gender Tolerance at 20.”

Help them to learn to be Gender Neutral Behavior

Help the little kids to learn what you wish them to know, from an early age. Let them to know it’s absolutely normal for boys to like pink color and for girls to go for greens or blues. Don’t confine them within the constraints present in the society. Ensure girls’ active participation in sports as a boy does. It’s ok for them to jump, hop or very specifically have other toys than just Barbie dolls.

Parents, you are what they will become

Be very careful around kids especially with your words & actions on gender related topics. Allow them to explore without creating any false image on anything as that will revolve and will stick to their thoughts later. Never let the child fix on gender based role, it will hamper the progress of the whole idea of ‘free from gender’. For that make sure that your child sees no difference between the things allowed to be done by girl or a boy, mother or father or train their brain that no chores work as per their gender. That’s what we do in Golden Bells Early Years, the Best Nursery School in Delhi for 2 to 5 years old kids.

Introduce Gender Neutral Toys

Allow children to take up games and toys of their choice, opt for more of gender neutral ones. Ample of wall mounted educational games, Puzzles or craft games are a part of playful learning in the best Play School, Pitampura. Toys like cars or dolls are made for the kids they shouldn’t be bound to the gender.

The facilitators at Golden Bells Early Years, Top Nursery School in Pitampura, believe that a child has the ability of understanding ideas in ways that affect them. We take care of the fact that a child consider peers as an individual before distinguishing them as a girl or a boy. Our engaging curriculum makes the children to actively participate in learning process. Visit our official website

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