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The process of unlearning-learning in Pre School children

Best  Play school in Pitampura

Children learn & unlearn very quickly. The aim of getting admission in the Top Pre School in Delhi is to build strong and permanent learning pattern. They develop the tendency to forget things as soon as they learn them. For children learning commands is the biggest task. They fail to obey simplest things and at times allow themselves to be the little explorers of the world around them. Their skills of exploration and creativity has a wider range of options. The children recognize themselves as individuals within a social space much later in their lives. There is no surprise if they suddenly stop picking up the fork the correct way after learning to do so once. They may hold the cutlery and then forget to do so, all of a sudden.

Citing such tendencies in children is very common. The children in early years of life are establishing themselves and learning to grow. The children are understanding themselves and the environment simultaneously. They may begin to feel overwhelmed at times. The children can thus unlearn whatever is learned immediately and may take many steps forward in other direction.

Forgetting once they have excelled in something is directly linked to attention and diversions around. As the child grows he/ she is likely to develop an affinity towards something or someone.

‘Teach them Once & Repeat that Often in Multiple Ways.’

They might just don’t want to do anything & at the same time can hop to their favorite car immediately and start playing around. The child might get distracted by a cartoon running on the television and ignore eating totally.

Children also feel distressed due to being away from the family when they enter into the Play school in Delhi. It is possible that the child might be fully aware in the school but at home may get overly emotional and do not show much progress. In such cases the parents must check with the facilitators regarding the changes they have been observing in the child.

A word from us

We the team of facilitators at the Best Play School in Pitampura allows the children to explore, learn and be ready for the world. The curriculum of the school revolves around the development of all 8 kinds of Multiple Intelligences. The process of learning is simplified for the children by allowing them to understand with the help activities. In this way at the Top Kindergarten School in Pitampura children get the access to scratch the inner most layer to create the masterpiece.

Happy Learning!

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