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What are the best ways to develop Linguistic Intelligence in Early years of a child’s life

Children undergo progressive changes in Early Years of education, which are immensely miraculous. From Babbling to Speaking, these little wonders evolve remarkably. For young learners, everything is just new. Let’s see how they see the world around.

New to an opportunity to Learn,

New to discover their Ability.

New is to find the Talents,

New has the Novelty.

Understanding one’s own thoughts and putting them into words require years to master. Our little wonders achieve this stage in early years of schooling. Top Nursery School in Pitampura is always ready to help the child in whatever way we can. To channelize the natural learning tendency of our little epitomes of enigmatic energies in a productive manner children are presented with puzzle like activities. The activities performed at Top Pre School in Pitampura are risk free and according to the age of children.

‘WE’: A child’s biggest need.

‘W’: Well Aware & ‘E’: Energetic People around.

How to support Linguistic development in kids

As Facilitators, we need to achieve numerous Developmental Milestones by supporting the speech and hence, the Linguistic Development of kids.

At Golden Bells Early Years, Top Play School in Pitampura we emphasize on the development of Linguistic Intelligence among kids. Introduction to a new word every now & then is common to be sited in our premises. We guide them in a way that they understand the meaning of everything. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. Read aloud and repeat the words taught to them. Make them repeat via Chorus technique. Use of rhyming words to help them to learn multiple words in one shot.

As Parents, You must talk to the child all the time. They must not let go off with the wrong pronunciation of words unattended ever. Understand and find the reason behind your child’s confusion with the sounds. Take important steps when the stuttering, stammering and incorrect pronunciation continues even after 2 years of age. The kids’ development demands far ahead of your thoughts. They need our assistance at every step to know what’s happening around them.

“Learning is Eternal.”

We learn at all stages, yet kids are better learners. Uninformed decisions taken by you, might negatively impact their illuminating lusture. To make your child shine and make them feel the warmth of it, allow them to be “THEM.”

Little bundles of joy are curious to emerge as an eloquent speakers require more techniques than efforts. Age appropriate amenities aid to acquire apposite adroitness. Activity based learning is what we proffer to enrich vocabulary and phonetic sense of a child. The child is well taken care of at Golden Bells Early Years, India’s first MI based Pre School in Pitampura.

Let them Grow to make them Glow.

Happy Preschooling!

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